Pastor Ken

Ken McAnulty grew up in Poplar Bluff and graduated High School in 1970.  He attended Evangel University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical studies and concentration in Business.  He has served as youth pastor, associate pastor and senior pastor since he graduated in 1974.  Three of the four churches he pastored were in the Assemblies of God.  He brings to Heartland Christian Family Church over 30 years experience.

In 1991, while speaking with a young man regarding his college experience, the Lord gave Brother Ken a burden for developing onsite ministry training for those who can not go away to college.  Out of this, he started a Berean Study Center in St. Charles, Missouri and with Pastor Kevin helped to start the ministry school in Naranja, Florida and in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  Through the ministry school in Naranja we licensed over 80 ministers, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries.

The ministry institute at HCFC is open to people of all races and denominations.   At present the classes are twenty-five dollars a piece plus a small book fee.   Sessions begin after Labor Day, after New Years, and after Easter.  They run for ten to twelve weeks with time off for Holidays and special meetings at HCFC.  Depending on the students course load, an individual can take sufficient classes to possibly be licensed for the ministry within 18 months.  Accredited college courses are also transferable as they match up with our classes.  Pastor Ken McAnulty is director over the Heartland School of Ministry.  To receive more information look at the ministry school link on our website.

Ken has been married to Stephanie for eleven years. She works along side of him in prayer and in altar services when he speaks.  Also, she is artistically inclined and creates banners and other crafts. She also owns a local custom jewelry and wedding dress store.  Outside of the ministry, Ken enjoys gardening and listening/watching the St. Louis Cardinals.


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