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Mac FamilyChristian Family Fellowship International, Inc. launched the new local church on October 19th, 2003. President and senior pastor, Kevin D. McAnulty and family relocated from Homestead, Florida to Poplar Bluff, Missouri in late August in time to start the new school year.

Kevin and Lucia, along with Zachary, Alicia, Nicolas, and Chelsea, have adjusted to the slower pace of living in the smaller community. Coming from the Metropolitan area of Miami, Florida has been a nice change of living. They have now been in Poplar Bluff for a little over ten years. The children are all graduated from high school and are pursuing their careers. They are active in the church on the worship team and in the nursery.

Lucia is very active with some of the office work and working a part-time job. Pastor Kevin adds, “She is the helpmate that I need and adds so much to our ministry with an example of what a Christian wife and mother should be for her family.”

Pastor Kevin stays busy as usual with preaching, training, and traveling to missionary sites as well as churches across the nation speaking encouraging messages and delivering prophetic words that lift up the leaders, pastors, and people. “I know my purpose and the local body helps me by understanding that their church family is so much larger than one town.”

He graduated from Evangel University in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and education. He taught school in New Orleans and coached baseball and basketball. He served as an associate pastor there as well as in House Springs, Missouri; Poplar Bluff, Missouri; and Nashville, Tennessee. He pastored Christian Family Worship Center in Naranja, Florida for 13 years and led the building of a $3.5 million complex that saw the attendance go from 100 to over 700 people in that time.

You can listen to his sermons here, and catch him at 10:45am on 90.3 for “Coffee Time with Pastor Kevin.”

He was the host of the “We’re Taking Back” radio program on daily in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and has a television program on for an hour four times weekly on the local cable networks.

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